Feeding time and litter box

up to 12 months and Older

I have them in 100% RAW 3x a day. I leave dry kibble out if they get hungry in between.

This is the dry food I leave out during the day.
This is good from 1 mo. – 12 mo.

A kitten’s growth can be segmented into two distinct stages, with very different nutritional requirements. The first stage is from weaning until 4 months. The second stage is from 4 until 12 months. During the first stage, your kitten grows very quickly, and important internal systems are developing rapidly.

The wet food I have them on now is BABYCAT INSTINCTIVE™ Loaf in Sauce is for kittens from 1 to 4 months of age.
*** No need to buy a lot of this canned food. I will let you know if you are going to need it with your kitten. Most kittens are eating RAW and dry kibble when they leave here. ***

Over 12 months of age

A kitten’s growth can be segmented into two distinct stages, with very different nutritional requirements. The first stage is from weaning until 4 months. The second stage over 12 months. During the second stage, a kitten’s growth rate actually slows, and energy requirements are different. At the same time, it is increasingly important to provide the right nutrient balance for optimal development.

If you find that he does not like the dry after a while you can always try a different brand like Wilderness Blue, Natures Variety Instincts … there are a few out there. As long as it is grain free dry food and wet you are fine.

All the dry food and wet food can be found at PETCO, Pet Smart or you can order online.

If you are going to use a different dry kibble, please make sure it is grain free.
Kittyblooom VM900+3 is a vitamin that is added to their food to make sure they get enough nutrients. There is a link on my website as well. This is a supplemental vitamin that we give all our cats/kittens because of the wild blood.

Kittybloom Super Lysine just like humans lysine is a good immunity booster.

You do not have to feed him RAW if you do not want to. I find when they eat the RAW they are healthier, leaner, their coats stay nice and shiny and slick and less digestion issues.

He will love to eat any type of meat they are carnivores. Mine like fish (cooked), bacon just take it easy on the bacon LOL.

Some people give their cats ground hamburger. I find it cheaper and healthier to grind up chicken. I have on my website the grinder I use at this time. I have what I put in the RAW for them on the website as well:

RAW – What goes in it?
Chicken Breast, Chicken Thighs with the skin – use the bones if your grinder will allow it. Chicken Livers, Pumpkin Pure
– Make sure to freeze for 72 hours to kill the toxoplasma gondi (the parasite which causes toxoplasmosis)
My recipe is on my website as well.
There are a few websites out there with more information about the nutritional aspects of feeding RAW.

If you are not going to get a grinder, a food processor would work as well with chicken breast.

Pre-made raw (instinct raw – can get at Petco & PetSmart)

Play Structures are VERY IMPORTANT – Contract states no declawing

If you do not have one yet I would suggest a climbing tower. They guys love to play … play and play. They love to climb and be at the highest point they can. He is already able to climb cat towers and use scratching posts. This will also save your furniture. I have not an issue with the cats clawing at the furniture as long as I have a cat tower or scratching post in the room. I do have a link on my website under products/links for where I buy our climbing towers and they are about half the price as the big bulky carpeted ones if you are interested.

Litter & Litter Box’s
When the kittens are 4 weeks old they start with woodchip litter or little wood pellets. The kittens like to taste everything and put everything in their mouths, just like little babies. At about 6-8 weeks of age they are transitioned to Dr. Elsey’s Litter.
I buy this at King Soopers. You can also get it online at Chewys.com

Litter Used – If you are going to use a different litter, please start with this and transition them to the litter you would like to use gradually.

Litter Box Used – I use these large ones because I have multiple cats and it keeps them from kicking litter all over the place. You are more than welcome to use what ever you like. I get these at Home Depot for $8. They are more durable than the ones you get at the pet store and they have all different sizes and are not as flimsy.

Royal Canin Persian Kitten
Royal Canin Persian