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Updated 08/14/2022
Camera link now setup for viewing of the kittens.
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We have Texas hand raised Bengal kittens for sale. Silver Bengals, Silver Charcoal Bengals, Silver Snow Bengals, Brown Spotted Bengals. Please review our photos below for our current availability. Please contact us with any questions. 503-875-9430 or 940-666-9616 call or text.

Silver Bengal Spotted Male “Cashmere” Peach Color Collar

Price $3,000 / Cash Price $2,800

Silver Charcoal Bengal Kitten Texas “Shadow” Yellow Collar

Price $3,000 / Cash Price $2,800

Pregnancies –

Confirmed Pregnancies:
Gamora x Diablo (Silver Spotted, Silver Charcoal Carrier & Silver Sepia)

In for breeding:
Luna X Smokey (Mink, Lynx, Charcoal Lynx or Charcoal Mink)

Pending Confirmation: